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Ebony The Enemy

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They really thought Iíd look to a man for protection as if Iíd willingly subject anyone to their societal infection
Iíve been detecting deception since I was a mere child
Apparently I have a hide to just be alive
Some are so bitter they seek to drag others down cos they donít wanna be the only miserable clown
Kinda like how I mosey round town yellin at the top of my lungs like I just escaped from the pound only to end up in the fuckin lost and found
Most days I just sport a sneer or a frown
I occassionally smile but itís not like Iíve got designs on a crown
I donít wanna be high and mighty
Theyíre just flogging a dead horse
Iíve already been defeated
Meted out a justice I can no longer justify cos my revenge wasnít worth the risk to my life
Or that of others
Mothers, Fathers and Brothers
I was ignorant cos these cunts kept their acts undercover
As it goes
All has been revealed
Iím no longer as strong as I used to feel
Iím resigned
I retired 7 years ago
Now Iím just a crazy lady taking advantage of free dough
And they got no standards
They wanna sponge off my handouts
I got no defense
My gaurds down
They demand that I accept the abuse and suffer in silence so I choose to amuse myself with hopes that Iíll expire