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Ebony The Enemy

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I donít wanna wish hell upon my enemies.
Can you imagine ETERNITY?
Thereís an end unto this life.
I want each man to be free.
Free of the evil.
Free of the torment.
Free of lust and rage and hate.
I donít wanna wish misery upon any soul.
I wish escape.
I wish a freedom from the ills and a chance to rise above.
Not to look down on us.
To feel Gods mercy and love.
To accept within his heart a sense of repentance and reward.
To move forward with integrity.
An end to brutality and war.
I donít wanna cast judgement God.
I donít want anyone to burn.
I want each man to seek forgiveness.
For his lesson to be learned.
Without the threat of abuse or exploitation.
Without refrain.
With humility and humble pride.
With every morsel of his body, soul and brain.
Can you imagine ETERNITY?
Iím sure itís our vanity that provokes.
To wish hell upon our enemies and itís true they do provoke.
How can we reasonably justify a never ending pain.
Dear God, please take my vanity before I curse anothers name.