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Little Ditty
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:58:42 PM »
Iím not actually angry as much as I curse and call cunts out
Sometimes I get a kick outta runnin off at the mouth
Iím much more adept at writing than reciting all my poems
But sometimes I like to try and freestyle straight from the fuckin dome
Iím just a loser though
My poems are quite juvenile
I know
Yet I enjoy myself immensely despite the fact that I canít flow
Iíve never really tried to rap
Picked up the mic once or twice
They told to stop using a Yankee accent
So I quit altogether
Is that a vice
Having no stamina
No pursuit to direct energies towards
I donít write for approval
Iím not chasing applause
I do it for the love
I love writing and rhyming to my core
Even if I come off as no more than a trifling little bore
Iíve been writing poems since I was 11
Never received any kind of award
Iíve written plenty disses that I regret these days
For sure
Arenít I entitled to my passions
Arenít I allowed to have loves and hates
Am I sposed to follow the crowd
Kiss ass and act all fake
This doesnít take much effort
It kinda comes naturally
Takes bout 5-10 minutes to write my shitty little ditties
I do it easily
And as much as I can recognize not all welcome what I call art
The feelings kind of mutual coz I donít like theirs either for a start
I can only come from my personal lived experience
You think itís lame
Have I done injustice to the written word or desecrated my given name
Am I just as superficial as those who treat life like a game
Should I just quit with all this poetry shit and give up and have some shame