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Ebony The Enemy

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« on: November 27, 2018, 07:00:22 PM »
Some say I should have known
When in reality they deny
Maybe my greatest injustice was believing all the lies
Screams in the night
Echos of haunting
Taunting me into fear and shame
I cant excuse myself
Excuses are simply symbols of refrain
Hindsight donít alleviate
Regret wont pay your debt
Ive hurt those that loved me or so it seems
How could I forget
Constant reminders of my crimes
Constant disdain and disrespect
The lessons learned were useless
They provoke with mal intent
I just want everybody to be free
I want each of us to find a safety within this world of hurt and greed
Im sick of the negativity
I dont wanna exact revenge
I dont wanna provoke my opposition
I dont wanna wish bad upon old friends
I dont wanna point the finger
I dont wanna blame and shame
I dont wanna be consumed with misery or feel insane
I dont wanna be a tool
I dont wanna weild a wand over the puddles these fishes swim in which to others feel like ponds
I dont wanna
But do I have a choice
Have I chosen wisdom at any point
Have I stepped beyond my shadow
Out of my place in my own joint
Was there method to the madness
Were there instructions one may use
To act with deliberation or was everything a ruse
I use the same words over and over
I find myself in such circumstance
Where repeating past mistakes seemed to be my only chance
And yet I cant justify my indiscretions
I cant convince them all
What is factual for one man is received by others with such gall
Pursuits of passion
Some men find ecstacy in misery
Some fail
Some find themselves overwhelmed with no hope to prevail
I dont wanna feed any innocence into their lairs of mass deceit
So I just stay reclusive
Sometimes abusive
Knowing to some my life is cheap