Author Topic: I'm 'Sposed' To Do Alot Of Things  (Read 1193 times)

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I'm 'Sposed' To Do Alot Of Things
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:03:58 PM »
Im sposed to respect someone treat me like shit?
Talk down and abuse me.
Treat me like a bitch.
Im sposed to honor a code that serves me no gain?
Bow down, beg for mercy, pray the truth donít bring pain.
Im sposed to be trainin and lookin to a man for protection?
Cos I hit above my weight and aint got no connection.
Sposed to be shakin and achin with fear?
Cos I lost the damn plot.
Dont say you aint hear.
Im sposed to be breakin down in tears and remorse?
Im sposed to invest in the lies?
In a cause?
Im sposed to be pouring out my whole heart and soul?
Over some bullshit that happens everyday.
It aint cold.
It aint ruthless or clever.
Not much of a hustle when you been under the weather.
Where ever.
What ever.
Who ever.
Now when?
Nobody care why my mind been round the bend.
Im sposed to get down on my knees and beg god?
If thatís so Im standin cos God be above.
Just like I stood on my own two feet and hit back.
Im not the toughest bitch goin but revenge was all that.
And some.
Had some.
Got nothin to prove.
I hate you scum fuckers.
I hope every chapter lose.
I hope every scum cunt rockin the leather
Sweat like farmer john hogs and heifers.
I hope all you devils wake up.
That the weak shit you do is far from a suprise.
No need to lie.
I know every damn night that I lay down for shut eye
 Im leavin myself open to be attacked.
Its so far from original.
Worked for ya so far.
Howís that?
No need to fuck with a method thatís solid.
Nothin be promised.
Thats what you weak fuckers wanted.
Im makin the most of what sanitys left.
Insane, intentionally.
You give what ya get.
But Iíd put bets on the fact that I got alot more to come.
Call this the prelude.
For some sick shits fun.
Finding pain entertaining.
Whatís your worth.
You think you above it.
Thatís a long way down.
Hope it hurts.
For every hit, switch and bait.
For every trick turned and tossed.
I gots no respects for you or your bitch ass of a boss.
Said it before.
Sure Iíve come to regret.
But if this be the last days Im not gonna forget.
I got a witnesses.
You call em customers.
I got tickets on myself.
Im givin em away for free.
Tickets straight to hell.
So do what you do but know one day you will pay.
Im just weighin my heart against a feather waitin on Judgement Day