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Thank You, God
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:14:21 PM »
Thank you for another day God
Thank you for my peace of mind
May you bless others also
Every child
Allow them solace, justice, power, prosperity and peace
I ask of you
Please bless them
As youíve so generously blessed me
Thank you God
Iíll savour each day as if it were my last
Iíll try to be more disciplined
Give thanks
Pray and fast
Bask in the wonder of the days you grant my soul
In hopes I may remember them should I meet a fate so cruel and cold
Again dear God
I ask you
Bless others just the same
That they may too find reprieve from the evil and the pain
Thank you God
Iím sure itís you who inspires good works from man
Even the cold hearted
Iím sure itís you that understands
Iím sure itís you that sees me and seeks a straight path that I may walk
Where their be no need for greed or misery or crass and boastful talk
Dear God
I am grateful
I truly do appreciate
These days you see fit to grant me where Iím alleviated of the hate
Dear God
So many suffer
So much more than me
Inspire man to help them and relieve them of their misery
Inspire your creations to show mercy to our fellow men
Inspire a strength within your seed that they may make amends
Thank you once again God
I feel blessed in this here and now
I also feel saddened to know that others are filled with such doubt
Let there be a day as beautiful as mine
For all your blessed children
Let their be a grand design
Dear God
Compensate your children whoíve been exploited and refused
Grant them many blessed days and nights and safe refuge
Thank you God
Youíve blessed me once again
So I ask that you bless others and that their suffering and torment end