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4 In The Mornin
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:18:01 PM »
4 o clock in the mornin
Im up at the crack of dawn
Iím not yawnin just mournin those that have come before and fallen
I feel overwhelmed with the livin hells imposed on innocents
Iím livin well
I wanna help others but I canít even help myself
Its just a fact of life that rough hands are often dealt
Yet despite this eerie feelin that has my mind wheelin and reelin Iím still here
Got no fear
Most times
Till anxiety starts to rise
I know I am at risk cos I stepped up and acted out
I ainít got that kinda clout that could save me so I doubt
Everyday feel like it gonna be the last as Iíve come to know life
The voices speak of such horrific and terrifying abuse I feel consumed by thoughts of strife
And so I write
I try to express myself
Try to get things off my chest
Before Iím forced to obey the devil and live in constant fear and regret
True I may have retaliated once having been harmed
But letís be realistic
Iím defenseless
Canít bare no arms
At times I start to doubting God even though God is all I got
This shit been happenin to a lot of people for so long Iím kinda lost
If innocent folk are victimized
What hope is there for me
Gets to prayin for a way out of this sick dick devilry
Then other times Iím just resigned
I canít defeat em all
Start to stallin
Like this mornin
Mournin the fallen
I too shall fall