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Ebony The Enemy

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Head spinnin
Dizzy spells like spinderella
Still trippin
Caught slippin sippin on that shit hittin on the fellaz
Runny mouth from the south but donít call me Mexican
Die slow ya fuckin roach
Thatís for all ya hexes men
Actin like they action heros
Actin up
I got no time to waste
Keep it movin slut
Feelin hopeless
Losin focus
Need to train my aim
Fore they run another train on me and drive my ass insane
It aint no game
Iím gettin played
But we donít play the same
I pray TO the Most High
You preyin ON me in vain
Simplicity satisfies my soul immensely see
How can I fail if I ainít the one trailin coat tails b
I got a tale to tell
You know it all to well
Talk bout fallin
You ainít ballin
You be crawlin in hell
Beggin the devil for help
Help yaself for itís your ass on the shelf
Takin advantage
Low life standards
Back handed compliments
Complimentary condescension confused with confidence
Tell ya confidants
Confide bout ya crimes
Been there
Done that
I keep my soul confined
Risin to occassion
Rectify ya rights fore ya apprehended for violations
Safe bet
Snitch cheques
Times almost up cunt
Time for retrospect
Call collect on the debt
Charge it to the game
This shit for the prefects you dogs callin lames
So superb
Supremus intellect
Your insight is absurd
You delight
Sayin word
For real muthafucka
Donít say you aint heard
Swap a noun for a verb
Fly like a bird
You broads be bored gettin whored on the curb
I got alot more
For one
Thereís a big difference between a prostitute and victim, son
Never sold my ass
But I been pimped
Low class
Fucked a few fellas but never fell for their ass
And Iím not fallin for you
Youíd do me in in a heartbeat
Talk is cheap
Walk the talk fore you get beat ya freak