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Conscious Poetry
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:31:17 PM »
Some people think itís clever corrupting another mans creation
Spose ya just embracing your heritage if you identify as caucasion
Invading anothers nation and terming it colonization
Designating local populations to remote reservations
Subjecting stolen generations to segregation
Acting like the mark of civilization is practicing degradation
Negating the truth by spreading false information
Instigating hate in an attempt of domination
Trying to take the credit for the efforts of those who fought for emancipation
Whilst you continue to abuse and instigate defamation
Refusing compensation
Expecting a civil conversation
Ignoring those who contemplate a potential consideration
Preaching blasphemous condemnation
Practicing discrimination
Acting as if theft is sanctioned
Sanctimonious lamentations
Incessant procrastination
From generation to generation
Profiteering from the loss of those who aim for preservation of the nations you corrupt with absolute zero hesitation