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Obviously this shit isn’t meant to make sense
How two people can commit the same type of offense
Ones reprimanded
The other goes free
The defining factor?
Cultural identity.

We bomb the shit out of countries
Dividing the spoils
Sit on our arses and bitch
Whilst children are forced to labor and toil
We invest in depreciation
Then act high and mighty like there’s no need for excuse

Obviously this shit isn’t meant to make sense
It’s all bout makin money
Nevermind the offense
We’re going to blatantly ignore the facts and the truth
We’re going to arrogantly encourage sin and abuse

We ostracize those who don’t fit our norm
We target minorities
It’s deliberate
Precisely to exercise a cruel will
Where you’re meant to adhere despite that it’s ill
Obviously there’s no hope
Obviously they don’t care
Obviously many are caught up unaware
Obviously the truth is a threat to the lies
Obviously stereotypes are believe despite the affect on real lives
Obviously we’ve no conscience
Obviously we don’t care
Obviously people are pushed to the point where they dare
Obviously this is going to offend
Obviously I see no need to pretend
Obviously there’s no fix
Obviously there’s no cure
Obviously we’re just obnoxiously corrupting what’s pure