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Thank You Again, God
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:33:53 PM »
Thank you for the time granted me God.
Iíve come to learn some truth.
Iíve seen through the disguises of those who despise the likes of you.
They seek for us to suffer and deny that you exist.
Please hear me now that Iím allowed to speak freely.
I will resist.
Yet I am merely human and with that comes confines.
I am only capable of human endeavors and these devils have designs.
They seek to persecute those of us who can not defend ourselves.
They desire such indescribable terror and hope to make our lives a living hell.
Iím not sure of motivation.
I think of young Daniel and resign.
What on Earth could he have done to meet such an untimely demise.
I try to reconcile with my wrongs just as they justify abuse.
Iím left with nothing but to accept the fact that you need not an excuse.
Itís tragic really.
It doesnít hit home till itís those you love are lost.
You unwillingly come to conclusions such as they degrade at any cost.
Itís been happening since time immemorial.
Itís practically biblical.
Such is life.
And so I acknowledge all my blessings Iíve experienced to suffice.
Supplications and demonstrations will not heed the call of men.
Who wish to Lord it over us.
Our torment has no end.
They delight in being spiteful.
Condescendingly they deceive.
And so I choose to be recluse.
For now I value being free.
Such injustice is but many mens bread and water.
Day and night.
Struggling to overcome the torment and endless fright.
Finally I come to find that all is but a ruse.
And still I choose to love you God even if I am abused.
Hear me now before they devour my free will and force my hand.
I hope not to be defeated but I have come to understand.
I cannot control another.
I have no desire to.
I'm just trying to control myself.
So thank you God for truth.
Thanks for granting me reprieve.
Thanks for allowing me to see.
I think of my dear brother.
He was only 17.
Nobody cared or dared to intervene for him.
How can I cast a stone when I too have been known to sin.
I just want to take the time to thank you for all Iíve been blessed with.
Ask that you bless others if Iím granted such a wish.
Iíll go now.
But thank you once again.
Iíve come to see the light.
I was not upon a mountain but I was granted the sight.
To see clearly whilst others are blinded or deceived.
Thank you God for giving me the true taste of being free.