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Thanking God, Again
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:36:40 PM »
Thank you God
Once again youíve granted me one more day
I feel provoked to please you with gratitude as I pray
At times Iím so overwhelmed with fear
So stressed
Once again Iíve arose to feeling wondrous
So I thank you
Iím truly blessed
I know my days are numbered
I know I am at risk
So everyday that I arise in safety I feel bliss
I know they prey upon me just the same as I pray to you
So dedicated to their devilishness
What more can I do
I just want to thank you God
Appeal to you that you may bless others just as me
So many suffer so unjustly
True torment they live and breathe
Freedom jeopardized
No hope within their grasp
Bless them God as youíve blessed me
Make for them a joyful path
Grant each of us the wisdom wherein we prosper and persevere
Alleviate each man of hate and help him to adhere
To your doctrine
Protect the innocent
I ask that you bring peace
To all your blessed children
Let us not succumb to vile defeat
Thank you God
Iím sure itís you that inspires such good works
Where those of us at risk are granted reprieve from all our hurts
Let those of mal intent not deter us
Let us live
Free of pain and angst
Free to take whatís needed
Plentiful enough to give
Thank you God
Just one more day
One day at a time
Should I meet an untimely end I just want to remind
That presently I am fortunate
Presently I am blessed
For you have chosen to give me one more day after such a peaceful rest