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No Angel
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:39:57 PM »
Exhausted pourin out my heart and soul
Nobody actually gives a fuck
I donít need to be told
And even if they did I wouldnít wanna set em up
So I just keep to myself like a miserable little slut
I got no aspirations
But my enemy has designs
On particular vocations
That would keep me occupied
No it wont be pretty
Fact is neither am I
And plenty will find a sense of joy in my demise
Are we really a superior species
Seems weíve hardly progressed
People still flock to mock another out of malice
With ill intent
Is it really that intelligent
Profitting from pain
Been happenin since the Bible times
But apparently itís game
For shame
You call me lame because I canít defeat them all
Wouldnít be so sanctimonious if it was you set up for the fall
Iím merely an individual
One person
All alone
And you have the audacity to hassle me cos I donít envy your throne
Cool it, Castro
Rest in peace
Instead of intentionally disturbing mine
Stick ya dick in a potato
See if you can conjure time
Iím just gonna start writing gibberish
Cos sense is wasted here
Itís all about the money
And precious egos
So I fear
For I am human
I have limits
I have weaknesses and flaws
Iím not lording it over anyone
Inlaws or outlaws
I didnít invite your decrepid abuse you chose to impose upon my soul
So I hardly see the significance in your interpreting it as gold
They simply seek to demean me
Iím not claiming to be an angel
Iím just employing the written word