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Ebony The Enemy

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« on: November 27, 2018, 07:42:19 PM »
Iím tryin to start anew God
Seems itís same old same
Aint a damn thang changed but the muthafuckin day
Sorry for swearin on your name God
I really wanna change
Just canít see no hope in sight and I end up gettin vain
Gettin angry
Feelin deranged
Donít know what to do but pray
Do you hear me
Can you feel my pain
Are you tired of my constant complaints
Am I just lame
I donít know what to do God
Canít trust the things they say
Is this karma
Dear heavenly father
Show me the right way
I wanna walk the straight path
Donít wanna go astray
I wanna overcome what ails me
Be victorious and brave
Itís like they find joy in evil games
Toy with my life and play a way Iím unaccustomed to
I never used to feel this way
Itís like the struggle to escape the vices will haunt me to the grave
So I ask of you today
Please lend an ear to what I say
Donít let me be fooled by boastful men who will plot and plan against my name
Allow me many peaceful days
Show me a strength whilst I am strained
Deliver me from evil and bless me with mercy once again