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Dear Brother
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:59:44 PM »
My dear brother
I do love ya
And I fear that is a test
That these devils take into account when they strive to degrade with no regret
I hope many a prayer for you
That you overcome and rise
In the face of opposition against devils I despise
Dear brother
Although I love ya
I fear it is but a test
Where they hope to depreciate that which I do respect
You were raised by a single mother
You know struggles I never knew
I ask that God rewards you for all the troubles youíve been through
Dear brother
By God I love ya
I hope that you should find a way
Outside the maze of such disgrace where they force your soul to say
Such disgusting and despicable taunts that they choose for haunts and play
Dear brother
Although I love ya I feel that each of us went astray
Dear brother
By God I love ya
I hope for you a compensation
For all that has befallen you throughout this troubled nation
Dear brother
I take cover
I saw the tears well in your eyes
Please know that it haunts me and I hope your soul does rise
Dear brother
There is no other that I have loved such as you
I canít take back all the hate and abuse that youíve been through
Please know my loveís eternal and I hope it sees you through
All that does befall you
These devils  could never dare excuse
I pray for a reward in the afterlife for you
Dear brother
Know I love ya and you are worthy of a Godly due