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Ebony The Enemy

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Leave Me Alone
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:00:48 AM »
Just wanna be left alone
Want these parasities to stay outta my home
Wanna hold on to what Ive got for my own
Stop them provoking and poking
Just leave me alone
Im content by my self
Im happy with me and this humble yet satisfactory reality
I dont wanna invest
Dont wanna learn how to trust
Be gone with that shit
Had my fill and Im sick to my guts
Got no one to depend on
So stay the fuck gone
Quit inviting yourself into my sanctuary ya moles
Quit actin like its clever to degrade and abuse
Be gone ya dumb devils
Im tired not confused
I know for damn sure your conniving and spite
Ive dealt with meanspirited people my whole God damned life
Its immature
Deranged and disturbed
What on earth could provoke one to act so absurd
Im quite aware that Ive got no where to turn
Your deliberate misgivings are simply annoyances not burns
Taking advantage of my lack of defense and support
Speaks volumes of your standing as do the contrite lil taunts
I spose in order for a parasite to thrive it needs a host to feed off so Iíll refrain from surprise
Im just disappointed 
Disagreeably depressed that your life has effected mine with such intentional & detrimental design