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Fire Globe
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:06:24 AM »
You be feelin so superior spillin the beans bout corruption
But you contribute to the shit
ďIím a devilĒ should be your introduction
Weíre all products of our environments
Weíre all prone to lashing out
Yet you instigate the hate then deny what youíre about
Stick to the facts jack
Fuck ya fat pockets ya poxy bitch
You aint nothin but another wanna be snitchin to get rich
Yíall work WITH the cops
Then you  try to keep us down
There is no law left to abide by
Thatís why I sport a frown
Too true I can look at legalities of times gone by
And with conviction and compassion tears well up within my eyes
But you call me a bleeding heart
As if no man should dare to care
So why would I care for you
Are you seriously prepared
Are you alien to feeling scared
Is it simply a monopoly that has you all up in your airs
Nobody is invincible
No many can justify
Forcing us to be abusive or destroying our precious lives
Obviously itís not meant to make sense
Itís all about a dollar
But I donít respect the cash route
Or your abusing your clout against my brother
I know everythingís corrupt
But since I find myself still free
I hope to wake the sleep walkers by talkin bout your infamy
At times Iíve been quite doubtful
Presently Iím resigned
Still I hope to use the time granted me to open others eyes
Iím familiar with the lies
Attempts to disarm the vulnerable
Simple fact of the matter is youíre efforts are incorrigible
Can you seriously justify the future in store for lil ole me
Iím not vain
I know this happens not just here but overseas
Iím quite aware as to the extent of corruption and abuse
Yet you expect me to struggle aimlessly as if itís any use
Thereís no excuse
Thereís no argument other than monetary gain
Thatís the only compensation for the unrelenting pain
And were you to find yourself in the exact same situation as me
You too would be disgruntled and feel no more than a flea
I said it first
That everything is corrupt
I said corruption rules everything around me
So go get fucked
Fuck a corpse for all I care for there will surely come a day
When youíll only have your kind to abuse and all the good folkíll be in the grave
Everything is corrupt
Including you
I have repented of my misgivings and tried my darndest to improve
Facts are thereís not much left to look forward to anymore
Slowly Iím adjusting to being a lowly little whore
Despite the situation I choose to love myself
Before Iím forced to act against my will in a living fucking hell
I honestly take note of what little fortune I have left
And I can honestly
With integrity
State I have absolutely zero regrets
I may have been wayward
Yet Iíve also been mislead
For years I succumbed to self hatered believing these devils in my head
Then it dawned on me
Like a clear blue sky
I saw through all the lies
There is no excuse for abuse
So fuck you and your disguise
Everything may be corrupt
But if you find yourself still with a choice
Choose to improve humanity instead of silencing anothers voice
The world is a cacophony of hysteria and misconceptions
There are no solidified sources of support
Wether corrections or protections
If everything is corrupt and Iím destined to fall
I wish eternity upon my enemy
Every single one of yaís
Fuck yaís all