Author Topic: Kxng Crooked "B.C." (Freestyle) & "Old Me" (1st song dropped from upcoming EP)  (Read 760 times)

1nce was blind

"... smell that? I smell smoke. Oh not yet?" - I wonder what he's referring to here? Brings to mind when he was telling Budden that he (Joe) "don't want no smoke" if I recall correctly.

"like your snortin' Hennessy every line's 100 proof" - Hennessy is 40% alcohol which would make it 80 proof. Crook could've referenced a stronger liquor for this bar.

"connect the dots that's W.E.B. Dubois" - I was thinking this line was reaching as I thought Dubois is pronounced "doo-bwa" in French but I found this when I googled it: “Du Bois explained how to correctly pronounce his name: “My name is pronounced in the clear English fashion: Du with u as in Sue; Bois as oi in voice." I'd prefer to say it the French way rather than saying "do boys" hahaha.

"Old Me EP coming soon...drops somethin' like Dec. 21st" - I heard this so I was anticipating him dropping an EP around the 21st (yeah I know I shouldn't count on Crook dropping music on dates that he specifies) but when I searched for it today I just found the song titled "The Old Me"

The song is the first single from Crooked's upcoming EP which drops in January 2019 via Hitmaker/New Wave Distro

Also found this:

HHW is apparently being resurrected!

Also, on a side note, Effex what is up with thebossboard?
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thx homie, I missed the release of both the new single and this freestyle.  bumping em both now... much appreciated from a big Crook fan


Also, on a side note, Effex what is up with thebossboard?

Bossboard is dead


1. the new free is aight.

2. the new track is ok. waitin for the EP.

3. the new HHW series is a really good news!


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!




1nce was blind

You're welcome snakeeyez!

Yeah I thought pretty much the same thing doggfather. Nothing really special about "The old me" from the first few listens but maybe the track will grow on me.

Thanks for posting that Sir Dogg! The first HHW drops on Friday which is dope!!!!!!!!!
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Here's a full bundle (54-tracks) off Crooked I's Hip-Hop Weekly series 8)!V9YHCY7a!O6dKTtEp7mP9bb8_UoobfbIrbppSd8N4CouFdf4xWag