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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Alien Communication
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:04:48 AM »
Primitive planet Earth I mean really where we living
Only thing worthy of salvaging is a few barking
Dogs and odds and ends of rubble and rags
First things first the superior light fleeted forces
Pack enough sophistication and refinement
To correct waves of ultraviolet and make you
See only black without the spectrum thatís
Surrounding it, oh yeah and secondly
This earth music is merely primitive
To an extra-terrestrial being,

Translation reads:

ďSeen seen been been kite type
Dot dot sing singĒ ó wooh!

I donít like anything where people go wooh!!
I donít like the colors, the spring, the sunshine,
Word association game time , dog, frog, leap, lip
Twist, fader, fix, knob
Tip, top, hip, hop, hip, hop, hip, hop!

ďYeah thatís right Ma!  The aliens are coming
Iím telling ya! This is it and you can bet
They leaving all a ya behind Ma
Are you blind dammit I ainít seen scanners
With this type of procision in this dimension
Itís them extra-terrestrials!!Ē

What is this all about?
What is this all about really??
Itís about the whole damn planet gettin socked silly
Surrounding our feet really with anklets danglin in them
In a tracking device like of a work release prison

And thatís what itís all about folks
Fuck this boys got jokes like the time
The brain Eatin ameeba (amorba parasite) infected the host

Now letís get serious
The planet is primitive
And the only communication we receiving is
When your DJ scratches a rhythm and
Gives out light sources that have fueled
And plotted our course to this planet Earth
And it is of course a library of words
You call it soundóbut the language is actually
The subject of this documentary of sorts
Time sped up, slowed down, and played back again
Planet headed for extinction
Trace One Infinite circles the cipher
Ainít no beggining and no end
Once the record circles
Then the earth finds its purpose
In the orbits of rotation of b-boys
Breaking their backs in flash

If not for this there would never be that
But do you really know that
Do you really know this
They always say that
But what if the future really acts
As a vacuum not properly in tune
With its own past? Ever thing of that! Dad!!

Dance that acts as the master of ceremony
Backs him up in the background
Lost and Found nation lost tribe of Shabazz
Rass Kass, DMC, Treacherous 3, Herbie Hancock
Chub Rock, to 2pac, And it donít stop
And it donít quit, emitting the styles
To be or not to Be
And so it is.
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