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Anerae VeShaughn - Penitent, Liberated and X-Raided
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Penitent, Liberated and X-Raided – The story and life of Anerae VeShaugn is complex. Yes, as a 17 year old gang member, he and 3 fellow Crips broke into the home of Patricia Harris and she was murdered. Anerae was convicted and spent 26 years in prison. Prior to this time, and throughout the next quarter-century, Anerae was also a rapper. He released over a dozen albums. As a signed artist, Anerae was unique in prison in that, he made good money and was able to change the environment for his gang members wherever he served. During his 25+ years, Anerae evolved. He moved past the gang world and sought wisdom, compassion and insight. He went in a dangerous and violent person–today he’s paroled and working to make a difference. To honor the man he’s become and to do something more. We are proud to present Jon and Anerae in this reflective and wonderful conversation.

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