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282 pages of Tupac's records from Clinton Correctional...enjoy!
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I put in a request with the New York's their responding email, which includes a link to 3 PDFs equaling 282 pages and a link to his mugshots. Enjoy!

Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry.

New York State Archives holds an inmate case for Tupac Shakur in Clinton Prison inmate case files (series W0014-13). The records are arranged by inmate number. His inmate number was 95-A-1140.

The case file has been reviewed. Disclosable records (282 pages) have been scanned and can be made available in 3 PDFs at no charge. Some records have been redacted and are made available in part.

We are legally required to withhold portions of Mr. Shakur’s case file. Access to records of inmates of state correctional facilities (formerly known as prisons or reformatories) is governed by provisions of the Correction Law sect. 29.2, NYCRR Title 7, sect. 5.23, and other state and federal statutes and regulations.
NYCRR Title 7, sect. 5.20-25, contains detailed provisions on disclosure of information about inmates. Section 5.24(b)(10) provides for disclosure of the medical record to “scientific and historical researchers, provided there is no unwarranted invasion of the privacy of the subject.” Access to inmate records transferred to the State Archives is also guided by provisions of an inter-agency MOU between the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) and the State Archives [1978].

Correctional facility inmate records held by the State Archives may include inmate case files, admission/discharge registers, and records of inmate escape, parole, medical history, hospitalization, execution, or pardon. Generally, ALL medical, parole, probation, psychiatric, psychological, educational, disciplinary, criminal history, and other internal reports are non-disclosable, if the records are less than 75 years old.

However, summary data from inmate case files is releasable. Examples of summary data include: adult conviction data (but not data from rap sheets), inmate admission/discharge dates, and personal characteristics (name, age, sex, occupation, marital status, etc.).

Download link for disclosable PDFs:

Download link for mugshots:

Best of luck with your research.

New York State Archives
Reference Services
11A36 Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230