Author Topic: Boogies album "Everything is for sale" is dropping tomorrow. Any thoughts?  (Read 1260 times)


Re: Boogies album "Everything is for sale" is dropping tomorrow. Any thoughts?
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The album is dope if you're looking for an alternative West Coast vibe to some G shit. A personal album that appeals more to the younger demographic than the age range of people on this forum.


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When you have half the people in this thread (a west coast forum, mind you)not even knowing who Boogie is....clueless is a good way to describe it
There's only one person asking who Boogie is and he's from Hungary. The majority of posters on this forum are also stuck in the 90s, so it's barely objective. None of that would make Boogie less average however

You musta not heard his previous work then. "Bitter Raps", "Further", "Oh My", "No Way", "Nigga Needs, "Sunroof", "Fuck Em All" (probably the best recommendation for you stuck in the 90's muthafuckas) all fire! Dropped 3 solid projects before his official major debut, which btw. is definitely above average! You old heads are simply not listenin'... It's aight tho, shit's not for everybody.
But yeah, it's funny that the "new west" (Buddy, G Perico, Jay Worthy/LNDN DRGS, Joe Moses, 2Eleven, Figg Newton, Slim 400, TeeCee4800, RJ, Jay 305, A$ton Matthews, Vince Staples, $tupid Young, Saviii 3rd, Hitta J3, Saint Malo, AD, C-Hecc, Young Drummer Boy, etc.) 'cept for Mozzy and maybe a little Polyester The Saint get criminally overlooked on here. Fucking shame, cause y'all missin' out on a lot of dope shit.

i fux wit g perico and vince staples ... you missed a couple names yourself- sob x rbe & anderson paak some new west rappers droppin fire

boogie ainít bad tho, iíll have to peep more of his shit