Author Topic: Suge outs Jimmy Iovine in American Nightmare documentary commenting on Pacís dea  (Read 699 times)

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Touching moment in the American Nightmare documentary when they arrive at the subject of 2pacís death.  Say what you want about Suge but when he exposes Jimmy for commenting ďSuge, you hit the jackpot, nothing sells like a dead artistĒ and you can see the pain in Sugeís face reflecting on the commentsóI mean Suge even has to pull over and vomitóprops to Fuqua for leaving that in the documentaryóbecause that shit was powerful. 

I mean here you have Jimmy viewing Pacís death through the lens of Record Sales, and on the other hand you got Suge catching a bullet to his head, plotting the get back, avenging Pacís Death.  I mean that contrast can not be understated.

Jimmy wasnít there to defend himself or his comments but that really made Jimmy look heartless and made Suge look like the only one in the industry who truly cared about Pac.

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Have you considered that this story might be somethin' Suge just made up?

dj coma

Even if Jimmy did say that, it could have just been him trying to get Suge to see a positive out of the tragedy of losing his friend. It's not like Jimmy had Pac killed or wanted him killed, so I'm not really seeing what the big deal is, especially considering it was true.


Ppl it's Abit obvious that Jimmy would say something like this, ok he didn't kill 2pac but it is all about money... corporate mindset