Author Topic: Any Boot Camp, O.G.C., Heltah Skeltah fans in here?  (Read 1020 times)

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Re: Any Boot Camp, O.G.C., Heltah Skeltah fans in here?
« Reply #25 on: April 05, 2019, 05:12:25 AM »
Holy shit man... this one is it!!!  Smiff and Wesson “The Shinin”

Y’all can clown on me if you want.. cause it’s 2019 and of course everyone but me knew this was a great album from the day it came out and I’m the only one who slept... whatever whatever say what you want

But regardless.. this album is it. The beats are like Illmatic type beats with the jazz and sample sounds of the mid-90’s before the sample clearances on such beats started gettin blocked

And the rhymes are all on point

This one is like 5 mics right here

Maybe the only time ive ever agreed with you on here. Album is practically flawless to me. Perfectly captures the sound at the time. Not a single skipper. Far and away the best album the BCC ever dropped


Yo... and on another note I kind of took these guys who probably disappeared after the Timbalands and baggy jeans era ended.  Apparently they are still making a lot of new music, videos, on interviews all over the net.  But the joy for me of listenin’ to these cats is it takes me back to that era and I really can’t fit these current times.

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