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2Pac - I Get Around (Extended Club Mix)?
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I was reading an article from 2009 which I guess is excerpt from Shock G's book where he's describing producing I Get Around. Does anyone know if this I Get Around Extended Club Mix ever saw the light of day?

For the record, we mixed 4 versions of I Get Around, 3 of which I never saw again once I turned them in. We did a 3 minute short radio edit, a 4 min album version, a 5 min or so extended club version, and a completely instrumental version. The 4 min became the album & video version. The little mini 3 min version I never heard again, but no big deal. The extended club version I also never heard again, but this was a major loss. We had lots of music drop-outs, long drums-only sections, delays & echoes on sound bites, different vocal effects, etc., it was a fun mix. I wish interscope would release it one day. And the instrumental was equally lost in the shuffle. I only saw it once, over in Australia in 05, this kid brought it in for us to sign, a vinyl version, to a d.u. instore we were doing in downtown Adelaide. Me & Mun freaked when we saw it! was a 12-inch maxi single on some Australian label. We offered the dude big US bucks to buy it, but he wouldn’t sell it. I was like, "Man, we need this for live shows!".
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