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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Track Name: "Bustin"
Artist: Infinite feat.

"Bustin wit the ill shit
with bits of funky flavors
Crystallized and condensed
Like those little dots
The gum has in them
Little girly’ I ain’t no pied piper
Press the gum to the butt of the seat
And leave somethin sticky Ickey
For Ricky when he be sitting down
Period 3-yo that shit ain’t def
Yo fuck what ya heard
Do I look like Spike Lee
Then I must be high off the earb
My School Dayz was X rated
So bitch do the right thing
And come give me brain
While I’m riding on the New York City A Train
Look slut you know this East Coast shit
Have you wet it’s the dopeness to
Come in with the prognosis that
This track will bitches taking off their cloth-es
It’s the Infinite malcontent but mentally e-rect
So ... catch rek"
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