Author Topic: Big U Speaks On Rumors Being Spread on Social Media, Nipsey Hussle & Eric Holder  (Read 199 times)


"Big U took to IG to speak on a crazy rumor being spreaded on social media where police are looking to charge him. He clarifies the bogus rumor showing the error in the Twitter status. "This reminds me of the Suge/Tupac situation, The Puffy and Biggie situation....y'all are lame as fuck for this. Big U says that him and Nipsey have been patch things up. He goes on to Speaks Briefly of his relationship with Nipsey Hussle,  as well as Nipsey relationship with his own children. "NIPSEY always showed mad love to my children". He goes on to speak more about the late mc "He flew me out to New York to listen to his album I was in the studio for hours", Big U states. He also speaks on the statement being spreaded that Nipsey Hussle didn't want Eric Holder around the premise. Click the video above to listen."
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