Author Topic: Never Had A Good Foundation  (Read 342 times)

Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Never Had A Good Foundation
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:10:23 AM »

I never had a good foundation/dation
Came up in lies I'd watch the television/station
let man, tell lies to my vision/
Asking the why's when's the whenever
Try to become clever,
like Pip a great expectation/
Looking at the laters of the grave
and trying to imagine my lineage
through a collage of dreams and nightmares
halflifes and half-truths to sift through
So that's how they gave birth to scattered seeds
but must needs rise and run, stand, salute
Whatup queen earth yo my lady,
my style is gravy,
peace god under the sun yo stay shady,
with mad cream swimming wit rims in um stay shinin,
whatup peace ya highness,
Iím low humble get busy stay grinding,
a youth from shattered dreams secret family stay hidden,

my fathers name anonymous donor hidden from men
and never given itís him whatís that yo my secret in my Dna
bust the word Iím from sperm
and it ainít no case adultury Holy Quran say
Mary how I have baby never was I been touched,
never knew man but still from him a seed planted
and now itís done grown upó
step father real father real meaning vocabs stayed indented,
rest my head scum of the earth thatís why truth knowledge born stayed dead

"Bustin wit the ill shit
with bits of funky flavors
Crystallized and condensed
Like those little dots
The gum has in them
Little girlyí I ainít no pied piper
Press the gum to the butt of the seat
And leave somethin sticky Ickey
For Ricky when he be sitting down
Period 3-yo that shit ainít def
Yo fuck what ya heard
Do I look like Spike Lee
Then I must be high off the earb
My School Dayz was X rated
So bitch do the right thing
And come give me brain
While Iím riding on the New York City A Train
Look slut you know this East Coast shit
Have you wet itís the dopeness to
Come in with the prognosis that
This track will bitches taking off their cloth-es
Itís the Infinite malcontent but mentally e-rect
So ... catch rek"
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