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*2Pac-Forum Exclusive Smile OG Remix Leak*
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:41:53 PM »
props to @Big G.O.V. and all other involved

the story

Don't know where to start.. This is another 2Pac-Forum Exclusive Track!

I sourced this track a while ago, my source is not related to any source we had before, not bomb1st, not skanless, not UKI, not Hyland, not wideawake, not server blah blah... i am still pretty sure without my contact to my homie from Oakland this would never see the light of day. This is really an exclusive leak especially because this is the VERY first time we get a different version of this track, cause the only versions we have since 1996 is the Death Row Remix version and the Scarface LP Version. So after 23 years i am happy to give yall this Track. This track was done BEFORE the Death Row Remix! This is a real cassette rip and it contains a very short & UNHEARD 2Pac outro!!

Not to forget the people who were involved in gettin this track out, i dont know if yall want to be mentioned, so PLEASE if you want just say it in here, and then i will put your guys names in here. Thanks a TON my friends!!!
Oh, and to the bitch made fuckers who tried to sell the track behind our back, and to the unloyal bitches who sent the track out to people outside of the group: FUCK YOU; YOUR TIME WILL COME TOO Then yall can find yourself a different forum, i promise you that! I know who i can involve in any future projects, i know what you guys did! My third eye is watching!!!

Now to put these suckers by side, Here is 2019s first Leak

mr mind remaster wav moz-extension://c105c737-6ad4-4d8d-91b1-ea7a6e83a270/mega/secure.html#!TtF21aRB!nBF3oy47KHvWaSD-KhrLmPqqOHgzY3HkSBBYj7Lq6WA

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Re: *2Pac-Forum Exclusive Smile OG Remix Leak*
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Link is dead already



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