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Back to same old tiresome stress and strife
Feeliní overwhelmed and incapacitated by this nightmare I call life
Feeling provoked to express myself
Sometimes I struggle to keep it real
Guess I was just dealt a raw deal
Fuck how I feel
I wanna be factual
I wanna be sensible and wise
I wanna overcome adversity
Iím sick of strugglin
I wanna rise
Above and beyond the confines of my troubled mind
I wanna ascend from these depths of delusion and in turn find a joy in kind
I guess I must seem weak or vulnerable or easy prey
Maybe Iím just destined to be a mark no matter the hand I play
Iím trying to be realistic
Iím trying to walk a straightened path
Iím trying to learn from mistakes and experiences of times passed
I count my blessings
Take note of fortune
Iím grateful for priviliges I receive
Iím wary of those who profit from misfortune ever so disgustingly
Thereís profit to be made from poverty
Some lust over pain, abuse and shame
Some seek a depraved sense of satisfaction in degradation
Some a claim to fame
I really donít have much left to say
Iíve said it all before
I guess Iím best to just remain recluse and preserve what ever peace I can if any at all



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