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Generic love song
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:35:25 AM »
Generic love song working on it here to be continued

My love, my treasure, beauty without measure but sits inside a secret box/ locked 🔒 and flanked by enough security to arm the largest army of a 3rd world oligarchy!  But her charms and clam and innocence is bliss and her voice soft as does cotton have no choiceóor better yet silk and linens of the finest gems that used to lay in fortresses and castles to protect them in times of battle/ but in high times my mind is reminded of past times/ talking to her like a trip or adventure/ into a time further than my grandmother can remember/ of princesses and damsels in the days where you would need a scribe to spell/ letter for letter and bury the treasure into time rememberable

The silent springs of my heart in silence, the silent springs of my heartóif silent long enough the cup runneth over, the silent springs of my heartóspring make art work make an arch make it top over a boulder of watery wizardry massaging the shoulders of a wise young thug grown older in a system thatís given him only an individualism of summer and only a singular treasure only to be remembered by him, and only for a flower and hour of time that can only be found within the own recesses of mind and successes in secrets and in right occasions right time to see her youthful smile put the moon in decline and shine next to a pillow and next to a window of mine so close could be touched and for once it was enough to bless all that exists with its eternal and everlasting shine

Honey fly stay lovely so beautiful, wanna stay under her shade, Egyptian shade yo who would know, but she ainít got time no mind no time no place, wanna keep arms distance so I grabbed a magic carpet now letís see how long it takes, Iím at your door begging for more hey yo will you let me in, opens up hey love now sheís next to him, Iím next to her this is the place where many stars many dreams many wishes take place in fact, you plus me plus your hand in mine, Iím sayin yeah whatís better than thatóbut the phone cuts dreams go up and back down again, guess there was that one time, in real time, ya so now itís back to that again, tape in my mind stays playin in the new millennium, girl of mine girl of my mindóyeah itís you now and again!!!

Missing your soft and sweet intelligence and splendidness/ I still remember it in the land named after Alexander/ in its postmodern chapter/ we made it proper and just/ if just for a moment it was/ the world of lovers the world of flying song birds/ it occurred to me her kisses were sweeter than a kiss was ever supposed to be/ for a thug nicca broken bastard like me/ that still lives his life like itís 93í or the edge of 96í/ in Alaa Ibrahim exists everything thatís contained in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific proper / I offer her only a poem cause remember Iím actually a bastard living life backwards who always keeps with him/ inside the residences of his mind/ a cool rhyme or a free thought/ and with that I bought many beautiful nights by phone traveling by imagination/ to a space station of stars she placed me in/ when I hear her voice and everyone certainly knows it well/ so Iím just adding to the stories that the angels will one day tell/ of an angel like you/ cause you are an angel as well

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