Author Topic: Highly Recommend Prodigy's auto-biography on youtube for any 90's hip-hop fan...  (Read 175 times)

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You don't have to be a big Mob Deep Prodigy fan to love this one.  I did try to buy it because I try to support quality hip-hop but didn't find the audiobook anywhere but on youtube for free.

I of course took the East/West beef way serious as a kid in the 90's and I still don't listen to Biggie's stuff as a result... so needless to say I wasn't a big Mob Deep fan either.  I think my love for them mostly just came out of their association with Nas.  Because a few years after Pac died I did get into Nas pretty heavy and he's always been in my top 3 and favorite East Coast artist.  Obviously Mob Deep was always around and so there music was always out there and I respected their sound and credibility and so on, even up to them being with G-Unit.

But these cats were heavy, heavy in the thick of everything that went down in the 90's world of hip-hop--and Prodigy is giving up all the goods on this one.  Prodigy lived the life all the rappers were rapping about in those days, in fact a lot of artists not only bit off of his styles, and slangs, but even the lifestyle he was living they used that in their raps. 

Plus this cat was beefing with everyone so there are a lot of great stories about beefs with other crews in there, some you heard of (like the Death Row beef) and other wild stories you'd never expect (like an all out street fight between Lost Boyz and Mob Deep that ran like 50 deep in the streets of Queens).

...its easy to find right there on youtube, if you check it out or your a fan of Mob Deep let me know what you think

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I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!



Read the book - one of my favourites.