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Devils Don't Forgive
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Got nothing to hope for because Devils dont forgive
They set you up so willingly despite your right to live
They thrive off degradation
Profit from pain and angst
Laugh raucously at debauchery
Were just flesh and blood to waste

They thought Id offer myself up to them
They had it planned from the start
Abusing those Ive an affinity for
Ive cried so much my soul feels parched
Our misery is a whimsy
A safety net of sin
Though they dwell in swells so shallow weve no hope to swim

Often times I am enraged which leads to doubt and fear
The confines of my humanness
Im like a ship they strive to steer
Physical constraints
Howm I to independently defeat an evil mentality

Im nothing but an avenue of leverage, profit, gaul
My enemies are giants compared to one so small
Ive no desire to swing wildly
Hit and miss
Im quite aware their penchant for struggle
Albeit catching their victims unawares

And people admire the mire of fuckery
Lined up around the corner just to get their sadist thrills

People will deliberately mislead you
Only to mock and jeer
Lets not get it twisted
Even cops are into gore
And so I just resign
Ive no hope left to live
Not when Devils choose not to forgive
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