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SCCIF iz finish or (Swede)
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fyi this was the kid who SicX raped and he took his name.

banned for lying

You ban mi I'll ban you bacc
Sccif came up a humell Israili joo but now jus an oz meth and cracc
U delete mi post
Then u bitch ass go ghost
Not like power mo like wcr harassing flower
Jome, Rud and Nima can't stand u only in mod status cuz of a don and okka on baccas dicc
Still claiming Beverly chicc
Still violated by Sccif Sr
Still can't fucc wit Ice
That's a Cube not a European Wigga like U
Sccif u p-u-s-s-i
Can't fite bacc dant evan tri
U can't fill mi see hear mi smell mi
Wy ass wy
Claimin Nazis jooed yo accowt u became u advisary
Real phoni
Team hacc iz dead u nazi lik you hate
Claimin ecoli wile u wait
Message from Hacc iz fucc
U too nazi u aint a joo
Sik says every1 knows u huffin gloo
Last versey
Beg 4 merci
Sccif u 4ever pussi
Remember wen
U tryed succin mi in LA counti
There 4 a minor drug offense Mi there 4 Tennessee parole violee
I reject u again and again wuzi
Bitch fiend faggot Sccif u pussi
Total disgrace to yo Israili heriturge
U fucced wit WestCoastRydaz aliving legen Jason Mesa