Author Topic: DEVIN THE DUDE - STILL ROLLIN UP: SOMETHIN TO RIDE TO (Official Discussion)  (Read 333 times)


nobody peeped this yet? im waitin for the hard copies comin later this month, but howís it soundin??


worth to check it?


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!


Duck Duck Doggy

Oh shit didnít even know there was a new Devin album. Will Fa sho check this


It was aight, but the beat selection was very similar, whole album sounded nearly as if it was recorded on the same beat the first time I peeped snippets


Iíll support it because itís Devin but yeah after one listen it was just cool to me, seems like my dude just went through a breakup and made an album about it lol

Duck Duck Doggy

This album is actually surprisingly dope. Devin kept it short and sweet.
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i really liked acoustic levitation, so im coppin this on gp


on first listen, this shit is bangin front 2 back

hella slept on


Suer chill and nice solid album!