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CREDITS: James Savage - James Savage
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01. Where I Grew Up
Produced by Focus

02. AD (feat. AD)
Produced by Focus

03. Call Me By My Goverment
Produced by Focus

04. Ape Shit (feat. Xzibit)
Produced by DJ Khalil & Tariq Beats

05. Pull Up
Produced by Rick Rock

06. Nah Bitch
Produced by Drewbyrd

07. Hit The Dirt (feat. Germ Free)
Produced by Dae One

08. Test Me (feat. Ry)
Produced by Dem Jointz

09. Please Don't Shoot (feat. Sly)
Produced by Focus

10. Time Flies
Produced by Drewbyrd

11. Running (feat. Xzibit)
Produced by Kuodie Fresh

12. War With Us (feat. Xzibit)
Produced by Tariq Beats
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