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Only Suckaz Get Hurt
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:02:32 PM »
Only suckaz get hurt
Or havenít you heard
The victimís responsible for the abuse they incurr
Nobody cares bout the fallen while they live
Then we put em on pedastools talk all that jive when they die
Theyíll laugh at my funeral
Dance on my grave
No one gone shed tears for me, hey
I must be so powerful
Forcing my enemies to wrong
Even tho Iím just a nobody writin lame songs
They lust over my pain
Salivatin like wolves
I was set up
Didnít know nothing but apparently I shouldíve
No one gone save me
Thereís nowhere to hide
Theyíve infected every sect in society
They deprive
Demand and detain
They call emselves Outlaws but they got codes just the same
I just exist each day to see a new morn
Pray Iím not another of the so many whoíve fallen
Iíve tried in vain to better myself
Better the devil you know they say as if the shit helps
Iíll wake to a nightmare
Theyíll devour my screams
Bare their fangs willfully just to kill all my dreams
No escape
No mercy
No reprieve
Just abuse
Iíve stopped confiding in people coz itís no bloody use
Those that condone it will say itís deserved
Coz only suckaz get hurt
Or havenít you heard