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Voices tellin me Iím gunna be a slave
They gunna force me to do this sickest fuckin shit
Beyond depraved
Then other times they ask for help
A different voice this time
Iím paralyzed by fear, frustration and doubt as I sympathize
Sometimes they say they gunna hack my leg off while Iím alive
Then thereís threats of whoredom after they break me in countless times
Sometimes they just repeat my thoughts with malice, might and hate
Then thereís all the little reminders of why one would justify my fate
Sometimes theyíre White Supremacists
Sometimes their friends from youth
Sometimes they sound like family
Others times they are aloof
They talk bout surgery with no pain relief
Plying out my teeth
That classic gangster move cutting toes off of my feet
I googled how to cope with abuse
One suggestion was to laugh
And Iíll admit I am deranged enough to get a Giggle out this farce
Iím pretty bloody certain one of you creeps reading this poem
Hopes all this shit happens to this weak lil cunt named BONeZ
Plenty people find joy in pain
Until itís their ass up for grabs
Then all of sudden develop morals
Thatís how I know you cunts been had
I just figure
I canít stop it
So don't worry bout the shit
Itís hardly fuckin original when youíre all reading the same script