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Ya Got Me
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:22:29 PM »
You got me figured
My self esteem so low
I just need someone to love me coz my self love is so unknown
Iím so desperate for affection
Jealous because of imperfections
Iíve nothing left to live for other than someone else attention

You got me
Iím so weak
Iím so gullible and dumb
Itís my fault they took advantage
All I wanted was a crumb
Iíll never be as all knowing and perfect as thee
Iím useless
Just pathetic
Letís change places please

Ya got me
Iím so ugly
I need compliments and praise
Iíll never truly understand the love of another
I should be shame
I need approval
That sickly sweet caress
Hugs and kisses
So delicious
I need to pass every bastards test

Ya got me
No confidence
No worth
Iím only going to be valued if I let someone treat me like dirt

Ya got me
Iím so insignificant
Nothin on my own
I need to look down my crooked nose as if I were set upon a throne

Ya got me
Iíll never be worthy of your time or mind or shine
Iím just a fuckin sucka
Iím a waste of space
Ainít that right