Author Topic: Jax Be Nimble, Jax Be Quick, Jax Be Choking On Dicks N Shit  (Read 236 times)


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Jax Be Nimble, Jax Be Quick, Jax Be Choking On Dicks N Shit
« on: August 27, 2019, 12:23:36 AM »
Gotta delete my account again coz some dumb slut equates fuckin men with makin moves their show and prove is corrupting apps on my phone
So lame
I gotta delete my account coz I don't wanna give this old trout oxygen
I'd rather go without than give them a purpose in life despite writing without a pen
No great loss coz my poems are weak
All I talk bout is loss of rights and defeat
I can quite happily entertain myself
Don't need to look down on no one else
I wouldn't even think bout the stray cunt if they didn't constantly beg for attention
They got a bodyguard for protection
All I got is sexualy transmitted infection
All said and done
I had my fun
No gunna be missed by no one
Not even my dear darling brother or mum
So stead of letting this bitch breathe vicariously
I'm gunna eliminate as many avenues as I can fathom
That's me
Ebony Bree Caple, Ebz-Knowz-Kneez, Heavenly Ebony, Ebony The Enemy, Ebenus Supremus, Ebano Bianco, E-Breezy-Bo-Neezy, BONeZ

This makes no sense and that suits me just gine