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Rated PG
« on: August 29, 2019, 09:35:57 PM »
So I can't write anything defamatory
Can't express intense disgust
Can't shame and blame or drop a name according to the terms and conditions agreed to by us
Can't use vulgarity despite the hilarity that ensues when people cuss
Not sure what exactly I can actively write bout other than goin' bust
I admit defeat
My life is cheap
Devils a dime a dozen
Don't matter if they rich or poor
Ya mother, brother, cousins
Not trying to offend
Not trying to stir the pot
I guess sometimes I feel like I'm the only person to lose the plot
Every night's a nightmare
Voices so profound
The fright
The scare
The type of airs that provoke me to write out of despair
Life just ain't fair
Could call it karma
I'm no angel
That's for sure
Everything's corrupt
Can't try ya luck or trust the law
No need to quabble
Facts are facts
What for one man is an avenue for another is a trap
Not sure if this is PG
Not sure if I should post
Not sure if I should be here or just go back to getting ghost
Am I a culture vulture
Square or simpleton
I call these lyrics
Am I a villain
Am I wrong
I've been blessed to an extent
So much so I don't wanna boast
Coz Devil's thrive off misery
Shadenfrueds are gross
I've become quite sensitive over these years
Easily triggered
Unsure and insecure
I've limited my circle to a single dot
Vainly attempting to feel pure
And I know just like the next man that many thrive from abuse
My recollections are mere suggestions to those looking for a useless excuse
I dunno
Maybe I'll post this and delete my account again
It's not like anybody cares bout my trials or gruesome end
Maybe I'll hang around because in reality I write for me
I'm not looking for an audience or professions of idolatry
I guess we'll see