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Prayer #2
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:29:37 PM »
Just another day God
Yet a blessing all the same
I know otherís arenít as fortunate
I know some were maimed or slain
I know some have been misled
Forced to perform against their will
And here I am so selfishly asking your favour as I'm ill
I want the vulnerable and disenfranchised to be free and safe and well
I pray all the victims in this world escape their living hell
Just the same as I pray every day that I wake where I sleep
And Iíve no one to direct my plea to but your heavenly majesty
These Devils call themselves Gods as they loom over us constructing gloom
Is it foolish or unintelligent to refuse them
Whoís the goon
Am I appeasing you to soon
Shall I succumb to the impending doom
If others are victimized so openly what room is their for me to feel immune
I used to cry over so many people throughout my life
Yet tears are useless in terms of helping people
They donít bring about respite
And nowadays they call me a bleeding heart because I care
Shall I abandon hope
Choke on my tears before they catch me unawares
Theyíll justify it God
Regardless that Iíve been abused
Apparently theyíre above the law
Above rebuke
So I guess Iíll just be used
And Iíll be one of many children in this tactless, trite and intrepid life
Whom must concede defeat for no one cares about our strife
The ills that can befall a man are well tested
Tried and true
They used to tell me ďWhy do you care for them when they donít care for you?Ē
I donít have all the answers, God
Iíve the faith of many men
Whoím never sought your mercy until they found themselves at their wits end
If this be one of my last and or few days that Iím still free
I want to thank you for the innocent joys and allowing me to see
Thank you for your generosity
Thank you for the life I now know is valuable
Thank you for every mercy youíve ever shown the meek and vulnerable
Thank you for today
Thank you for tonight
Thank you for absolutely everything despite the Devilís slanderous spite