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Ballad Of A Nobody
« on: November 17, 2019, 03:38:48 AM »
Suppose I’ll just have to accept defeat
Can’t beat em all
Why try
They tell ya “Don’t give up”
Should I just swing wildly and blind?
I have no fear of death as that would be sweet mercy
I’m terrified of torture
They lust with rage over hate and hurting
These Devils in my mind want minute details of abuse
They want me to describe vividly the measures they’ll put to use
They try to tell me I’m delusional
I’ve evidence of the facts
The constant afflictions
It’s not suspicions
It’s basic
I have evidence
They can’t retract
The system is corrupt
Just as the faculty
They OD'd me at 21
I hadn’t started nobody
Woke up strapped to a gurney
Nurse rubbing the defibrillators together
I was bare chested showing my tatt that means forever
I asked “Why are you doing this?”
They said “You were being aggressive”
Passed out
Woke up in a psych ward
Ever since I just been stressing
I won’t go into any long-winded professions of abuses I’ve incurred
Nobody cares what I’ve seen, felt, dealt with or simply heard
All I know is I’m at risk
Others too
How can I help anyone if I’m being made to feel so confused
No one cares
Or they’re aware but they got their own skin to save
Maybe I should once again attempt to end up in an early grave
Then again
They’ll just revive me
I know they lust over suffering and pain
I know they consider it a feat to call me insane
I don’t trust no one
From the highest to the low
People are so quick to pounce on weaknesses no matter where you go
I think of those who’ve come before
How can I win if they lost
How can I overcome an enemy that will degrade at any cost