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The Face Of God
« on: November 17, 2019, 09:21:02 AM »
So back in 2008 I was terrified, feelin' hopeless, thinkin my life was at risk and feeling like I could never love a man ever again.

I'm in bed (with my bed pushed up against the door) praying

I was like "God, I don't ever want no man. I'll just be yours"

I open my eyes and there's this red hue of a man's face in the darkness of the room.

I was terrified.

For some reason I said "Who's that?"

All I hear in a deep booming voice is the word "God"


I just closed my eyes and somehow fell asleep.

These days I'm confused.

Could my mind really manifest that, being I'm schizophrenic?

Was it voudou?

Was it an evil spirit pretending to be God or man trying to manipulate me?

It says in the OT that God told Moses "If you see my face you will die"

It says in Psalm 27 "You said seek my face. Your face I seek"

I'm sure I posted a YouTube rant about this years ago and I'm sure you'll all ignore me just as much this time round.

You'd think I'd be a devout Nun or something after an experience like that but I'm just another sinner.


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