Author Topic: I've tried, and got nowhere...  (Read 53 times)


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I've tried, and got nowhere...
« on: May 11, 2003, 03:37:21 PM »
*If you were in my shoes, tell me what would you do!/
*Your girlfriend likes someone else, but still loves you!/
*Your caught between parents, who ur protecting to!/
*Your feelings left til last, but its too late to handle, what do you do?/

*I thought i wouldnt be wondering down this alley AGAIN!/
*I've come to the conclusion, the people who keep their word always are FRIENDS/
*Never have i experience such emotional trauma until now/
*If my girl likes someone else, im supposed to accept it and love you, how?/
*I've always listened to my heart, and followed the sig~nals/
*I'll absorb all the waves of hatred, and jealousy, then hit on the rip~ples/
*We had made a bond, to ignore those people who hated/
*Then you tell me you like someone else, not keeping your promise, love wasted/
*You steep to their level, never keeping to you word/
*How can i look to the future, when im held back from what i've heard/
*I could just walk away, coz no one values my feelings til the last minute/
*Im mr.strong will powered man, who'll always listen, its my alias innit/
*The real me, seeks attention, and people who are true/
*Now i've learnt my lesson, are you after attention, i now!/