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Late Night Prayer
« on: December 12, 2019, 05:10:04 AM »
Dear God
If it be not much
May I please have one more day
Please hear me as I pray
I know that I am sinful
So sad I went astray
So scared of those who play with our lives as if my demise is a pursuit or some kind of game

Dear God
Can you hear me
Do you pity the fallen man
Do you care for all your children or am I destined to be damned
Am I just an evil seed
Am I the devils to behold
Is there an escape from all my torment
Must my faith be bright and bold

Dear God
I feel so overwhelmed
I feel trapped
There’s nowhere or nobody that will provide a sanctuary that will free me from the fear and hurt and pride
Shall I run again or reside
Shall I scream into the night
Shall I just lay down and maybe found by enemies
I can’t decide

Dear God
I’ve said it all before
Comfort me in my torment
I know I’m bound to fall
If it be in you
Grant me one more day
I’ve no other to turn to
So it is to you I pray


Re: Late Night Prayer
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You are getting better at this, this one ain't bad at all