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Twitter Rubbish - One Dimensional Diss
« on: March 03, 2020, 11:03:10 PM »
Bow out 4 ya forced 2 Bow Down
Trying 2 clown on the web
Good Charlotte
The prize pig in town
U better off bashin ya head up & down instead of trying 2 beat Lupe on his turf n hometown
I got some amateurish, damaged shit u can fuck with for free coz just like U I ain't no damn G
I'm bored
I'll applaud that space cadet shit like it's raw
Reverse it then jump aboard the vessel, starboard broad ready to walk the plank fore I slip and get chicken hawked by an outlaw that got a thing for blonde whores who hawk their forks for clout like they pussy named Jaws
If you had talent I'd dignify this with a reply that'd have you feelin gifted and lifted like the limit is higher than the sky but you're just another throwback from neolithic times so I won't put no effort into this wack wiggerish rhyme
On ya knees like an ISIS victim Caught slippin spittin & it's against the religion
Collateral damage when I hit U with STD's & I give the sluts to ya deliberately
I love being ugly
Don't want to appeal to a delusional clout chaser thinkin he real
All aboard the HOG warts EXPRESS
There's No Justice It's Just Us