Author Topic: My Poems Get More Ridiculous The More I Write  (Read 133 times)

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My Poems Get More Ridiculous The More I Write
« on: March 03, 2020, 11:44:20 PM »
Iím so scared
So ill prepared
So sick of being dared to step outta line
Write another lame rhyme despite the fact Iím a piss poor poet and Iím wasting my time
Voices talkin bout torture n slavery n shit
I talk back to em sometimes even though Iím a terrified little bitch
Never really thought too highly of myself despite defending my non-existent honour when dealt such a low fuckin blow I felt useless n ruined but I reacted so zealously I donít know what I thought I was provin
And Here I am
In the flesh
Still free
Knowing my whole fuckin world can be used against me
Abuse is profitable
Iíve been wagered and traded and raped and degraded
Kinda like Almost Famous except Kate Hudsonís the greatest and Iím bottom of the barrel kinda meat
Some people donít care for a test
Just want easy Street
Stale and cheap chicks to beat coz they weak and revolting and wanna take their scum fuck shit out on me
I gave up on hope
My poems are a joke
All I got left is coffee and smokes
Not looking for no Joe or pro to save me
If it be so

If you can find even a skeric of artistry in this garbage good on ya
There's No Justice It's Just Us