Author Topic: Hogs Wash Or Hogs Wallop  (Read 77 times)

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Hogs Wash Or Hogs Wallop
« on: March 04, 2020, 01:09:02 AM »
If I had any sense Iíd be dead
Would shot myself in the head
They told me where to buy a gun
I was like ďAs if ... Theyíd just take my money and run or run me outta town coz Iím just a weak bumĒ
If I had any sense I wouldnít be here
If I had any hope Iíd have nothing to fear
If I had any wits Iíd still be a virgin coz once you spread ya legs youíre a slut who deserves to be hurt n I canít turn back time
Canít even come up with something to inspire
This is dire straits
Iíve faked my way through
Iíve been passive manipulatively
Aggressive too
Pulled a knife more than once on slap happy cunts
Been double and triple banked by bitches thatís tough
Iíve snitched trying to save lives
Iíve been snitched on countless times
Fuck grudges and get back
Iím just trying to survive
Iím just gunna while away the hours and days and weeks and whatever time I got left
I got so much to fear and nothing to lose and you fools think I want your overrated respect?

There's No Justice It's Just Us