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Cypress Hill (The Source Magazine)
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"Little sorry hoe ass, go ask B-Real
We burn "Source" covers like fuckin' Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill (the rap group B-Real was in) burned Source covers after the magazine started taking shots at their credibility.

As Sen Dog explained:

I burned a Source onstage in London. We were having a bad show, shit started fucking up, and some asshole threw a Source onstage. Snoop Dogg was on the cover and I said, ‘No disrespect to homeboy.’ I ripped the cover off and I said, ‘This is what I think of this magazine,’ and I burned the shit out of it.

What did they say about Cypress Hill?

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DX: Mentioning Eminem reminded me of your verse on OutKast’s “Xplosion,” when you said, “Fuck double XL you’re a size too small / I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all.” What was the history behind that?

B-Real: [Laughs] Wow. Originally, our beef started with The Source through this writer called James Bernard and he had a partner Reginald Denny or some shit like that.

DX: Reginald Dennis.

B-Real: Yeah, Reginald Dennis. They both went from The Source to XXL. When they went to XXL, they started dogging us over there. I was good friends with James Bernard up to a point. It all started over a Source magazine cover. It was the Source cover where they put TLC on the cover and he asked me what I thought. I said, "Look, I love The Source, but I don’t really agree with the cover. You guys have a bunch of stipulations on getting the cover, these girls meet the criteria of what you guys are asking for to be on the cover? You guys gave them the cover, they’re not even gold yet. We got two albums out there, both of them are platinum and we just barely got a cover. I think it’s politics but I still love The Source." He was going to express his opinion [and] somebody pulled me away to do some sort of interview. After that he started spewing a bunch shit in The Source, and we eventually went to war with The Source. They eventually got driven out of The Source and went to XXL, and started popping shit on us over there at XXL. We decided, "Okay from The Source to XXL, so fuck it, we’re going to diss XXL too." But we’re cool with The Source and XXL now. Those dickheads ain’t a part of it no more so…

DX: So at the point of that TLC cover, y’all hadn’t been on the cover of The Source yet?

B-Real: We didn’t get a Source cover until our second album [Black Sunday]. Our [self-titled] first album had went gold and platinum already, both of our albums were on the Top 10 Billboard; Black Sunday was at #1 and I think the self-titled was at #5. No other Hip Hop group had done that but we had just barely got a Source cover and TLC had just barely come out. Even though their record was estimated to do really well they hadn’t done anything yet. It wasn’t really huge yet but they got the cover and it wasn’t really Hip Hop. It was Pop-Rap or whatever they wanted to categorize it at. I was just stating my opinion on what their so-called rules were for getting the cover at the time. I thought I was talking to a friend and eventually he turned that shit into some fucked up shit where it got racial, it got real fucked up for a second with The Source. It was all over because I stated an opinion of the cover of that particular issue. We started burning Source covers all over and talking shit on those two writers. Once XXL got rid of those two dickheads, we stopped dogging XXL and we were able to maintain a cool vibe with them again.


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Thanks for that article! It's a shame B-Real didn't really say what those writers said about Cypress.